About Us

Our Story...

For over 30 years, Global Development Contractors has delivered superior construction, demolition, environmental remediation, and management services to clients including private residential homeowners; local, state, and federal government entities; military installations; commercial, industrial, and private companies and developers.

Founded by Michael Schlaefer in 1987, M. Schlaefer Construction – as the company was then named – offered comprehensive general construction services specializing in residential building.

Recognizing changing market trends and consumer needs, over the years Schlaefer expanded the company’s services to include commercial and industrial construction as well as environmental remediation, on-site material processing, excavation, rock removal, steep slopes, unsuitable soil conditions, handling of historic fill, grading, paving, concrete, interior and exterior demolition, underground drainage and utility services, snow plowing, salting, and ice control. To achieve the above referenced services, Global owns, maintains, and operates a fleet of approximately 200 pieces of heavy equipment and trucks. 

Today, Global is a leading construction company with a values-driven Team, offering a menu of diversified services rarely found under one roof, consistently providing clients the exceptional service and quality they’ve come to trust from the Global name. 

Company Culture

Our mission to be the leader in comprehensive, cost-effective, and customer-focused construction services, while ensuring exceptional quality and service, is the building block of our company culture. 

At Global Development Contractors, our pursuit of a strong company culture has driven us to become the company we are today, providing meaningful work for both our team and our clients. 

Our culture is heavily shaped by our focus on continuous improvement and growth, individually and as a team, and our dedication to our core value-based foundation.

Honesty & Transparency

Honesty and transparency form the basis for our ability to create new relationships and maintain ongoing relationships.


We are dependable and genuine, our client's best interest always being our number one priority. Even when no one is looking, you can trust us to always do the right thing.


We have a commitment to providing consistent and quality services; paying close attention to details and thoroughness.


We embrace teamwork and lateral service, highlighting the importance of respect and open communication. Understanding that we don't know everything allows for successful collaboration, providing beneficial insight and knowledge from others who may be more knowledgeable in the subject at hand.

We utilize our new state-of-the-art company headquarters to assist us in developing and maintaining our culture; arming each individual on our Team with the knowledge, equipment and insight to fulfill their maximum potential. 

At Global, we pride ourselves in our ability to work as a Team, as we recognize Together Each Achieves More. Our Team of highly motivated employees work together and grow together, guaranteeing individual and collective success. 

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